| academic year 2017/2018

Elnaz Ghazi: Headquarter BNL-BNP Paribas Roma Tiburtina
Natalia Olszewska: Extension of the IULM University in Milan.
Leonardo Poli: Social Housing DEA SGR Fontevivo La Spezia
Federica Casetti: Station in Afragola Naples
Nour Tawil: Clinica CODESS Villa San Pietro
Richard Jedon: Sankt-Jacobs Platz Munich
Antonio Sorrentino: Inprisoned Architecture
Davide Ruzzon: NAAD Scientific Responsible

27 May 2018

Biennale Session_Seven Thesis: The first outcomes of the research

During the two opening days, the key themes of the Master will be discussed. Also, will be introduced the seven theses of the students participating in the first edition of NAAD, and the new architecture magazine Intertwining, born through the collaboration of the NAAD's professors.
In particular, during the Sunday workshop, the researches and the surveys will be presented that allowed to define the users' pre-cognitive expectations of the analyzed spaces. The focus will be developed on the people using the places and on the indications that the tests delivered were able to highlight.

26 May 2018

Biennale Session in Venice

Introduction of the new magazine INTERTWINING Unfolding art and science.
With: Juhani Pallasmaa, Alessandro Gattara, Davide Ruzzon, Renato Bocchi, Adolfo Suarez, Paolo Facchini, Janko Rozic.

Naad master-perez-gomez

20 Apr 2018

alberto perez-gomez

Open Lecture
Whith: Benno Albrecht, Davide Ruzzon, Renato Bocchi.

Naad master-pallasmaa

20 Mar 2018

Juhani Pallasmaa

Open Lecture
Whith: Davide Ruzzon, Renato Bocchi, Sarah Robinson


22 Feb 2018

Harry mallgrave

Open Lecture
Whith: Benno Albrecht, Davide Ruzzon, Alessandro Gattara, Giuseppina Ascione.

13 Dec 2017

marco maiocchi

'Sound, emotion and architecture'.

25 Nov 2017

Pietro Zennaro

'Colors in the built environment'.

24 Nov 2017

Alain Berthoz

Last November 24th at NAAD Master in Venice we have had the pleasure to welcome the lessons of Alain Berthoz'The sixth sense: movement and neural maps' and 'Emotions and body movement'.

23 Nov 2017


Last November 23th at NAAD Master in Venice we have had the pleasure to welcome the lessons of Tim Ingold 'Building Knotting Joining'.


22 Nov 2017

NAAD Master_First Lesson

Prof. Agostino De Rosa 'Blindness of seeing';
Prof. Renato Bocchi 'Light as a matter of architecture'.